5 Rules of Effective Teamwork from General Director ISOBUD Dmitry Kostukevich

- Dmitry, could you describe your team "ISOBUD"?

- For 20 years of work our team has managed to improve the efficiency of its performance considerably. Today we can say, that we have gathered young and purposeful team of specialists.

We move towards a business team, in which our workers can realize their potential and in which strong specialists can work efficiently.  Because people who use their strong sides every day can work six times more efficient.

- Would you share your main rules of a successful team?

«When your collective is a ‘star team’ your company is invincible. When your collective is a ‘team of stars’ your business is sure to come to an end. »

Our collective is ambitious and aims at development. We quickly react on market changes, analyze them and adjust to the situation. Every member of the team is a proficient expert in his sphere, and you can always rely on all our specialists. The aim of our teamwork is trust and efficient collaboration.

 Proficient leader

In every team there should be a leader, who is not only an administrator but also a main assistant and the one who is ready to support a new initiative. A good leader of a company is always aware of all that’s happening; he respects his team and takes into account new ideas. Proficient leader of a company is able to build a structure to achieve the aim. Now I am talking not about formal leading but about a person who will be able to earn confidence thanks to personal qualities and characteristics of a leader of a company.

 A Vector at Common Aim

It is very important, that the aim, which has been set, would be clear and all members of the team should support it. Everyone should clearly understand and accept his tasks. Besides, everybody should know, which result is demanded from him.

It is important that not only professionals would work in the team, but people who are fond of their work.  According to statistics of New Century Financial Corporation, employees who are positive-minded and work for result achieve better performance. Companies with employees who love their job exceed rival companies for 20% and earn 1.2-1.7% more than their colleagues. This index is 2.5% more than efficiency in a separate branch. Employees who love their job are likely to manage with difficult tasks much quicker.

- What is the main criterion, when you chose employees?

‘WE’ is more important than ‘ME’!

We highly appreciate individual qualities of every employee. But the ability of working in a team and striving to achieve a common goal is more important quality. Whatever good would be an idea, it is implemented by a big team where everybody takes his own responsibility.

The main priority of our company is cooperation.

67% of our company employees believe that a good cooperation with colleagues is the reason to stay in a company. And the team can help/encourage them to perform better.

Our company is social and it means that the majority of employees often leave their own department to find necessary information.

In step with times.

Our company is always on the wave. Education and development is actively supported by the senior management. The team always uses new and effective tools to solve set tasks.