Sandwich panels

Sandwich panel is a popular construction material worldwide. Constructively panel consists of two steel sheets outside and an insulation core inside. Wall and roof sandwich panels are widely used in construction industry when building:

  • Industrial sites
  • Quick-assembly buildings
  • Residential constructions
  • Logistics centers
  • Warehouses
  • Sports facilities and many other sites

Operational characteristics of modern sandwich panels are being improved continuously

  • Fire resistance level, parameters of thermal and noise insulation are getting higher. Due to that sales of sandwich panels increase from year to year.  

 Structure of sandwich panels:

  • Reliable and durable outside layer is made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating that prevents corrosion.
  • Insulation core
  • Inside coating layer is usually made of galvanized steel with or without polymer
  • All components stick together thanks to a special polyurethane glue

Before buying sandwich panels you should make sure which insulation core has to be used in construction. In ISOBUD’s range you can find:

  • Wall sandwich panels with PIR core. These panels come with two types of fixing solutions: double lock with an open fixture and double lock with a groove connection
  • wall sandwich panels with mineral wool core with a double lock with an open fixture.
  • Roof sandwich panels with an insulation core made of PIR. Supplied with a through mount lock.
  • Roof sandwich panels with mineral wool and a through mount lock.