Roof sandwich panels

Roof sandwich panels are being used when constructing sloping and flat roofs.

Sandwich panels have lots of advantages over other materials when used in roofs:

  • roof panels are light
  • roof sandwich panels are fire resistant
  • have a wide selection of RAL colors
  • exploitation period is over 50 years

Main component of roof sandwich panels:

  • Reliable and durable outside layer is made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating that prevents corrosion and mechanical damage
  • Core with mineral wool or the most up-do-date insulating material PIR
  • Inside layer of galvanized steel

Range of ISOBUD roof sandwich panels includes:

  • Panels with an innovative PIR insulation. It does not absorb humidity and is not exposed to putrefaction. It is safe for an environment. Panels come with a through mount lock.
  • Roof sandwich panels with traditional core of mineral wool also come with a through mount lock.

Characteristics of roof sandwich panels

  • Standard width of roof sandwich panels is 1000 mm, maximum length – 12 meters
  • Thickness can be between 50 and 220 mm
  • Sandwich panels are manufactured with reliable locks that do not allow any leaks even if folds depressurization occurs. 

Fixing solution for roof sandwich panels


Profiling for roof sandwich panels


Major advantages of roof panels:

  • Simple and quick mounting
  • Roof sandwich panels can be mounted any season without additional work for a basement reinforcement
  • High fire resistance parameters. Sandwich panels are non-combustible and restrain spread of flame if fire occurs on a roof or inside a building
  • Exceptional thermal and noise insulation. The most effective insulation core with these parameters is PIR
  • Strength and reliability. Outer and inner layers provide stiffness and high resilience to deformation impacts.
  • Resistance to atmospheric precipitation and UV radiation. During exploitation under the open sky panels retain its pristine color.
  • A wide range of colors according to RAL
  • Aesthetic and smooth surface doesn’t require decorative finish


Acceptable price of sandwich panels allows to reduce the cost of construction. Compact size and small weight make transportation much easier and cheaper.