Wall sandwich panels

Wall sandwich panel is a light, reliable and universal building material being used for erection of walls and facades.

Areas of use:

  • Industrial sites
  • Quick-assembly buildings
  • Residential constructions
  • Logistics centers
  • Warehouses
  • Sports facilities and many other sites
  • Agricultural solutions
  • Shopping malls

Sandwich panels’ advantages:

  • Durability
  • High indicators of thermal and noise insulation
  • Easy mounting
  • Acceptable price

Structurally wall sandwich panels consist of:

  • Outside coating is made of galvanized steel with anti-corrosion zinc layer. Also outside coating stipulates polymer covering
  • Layer of a high quality insulant. Depending on modification of a sandwich panel it can be PIR or a mineral wool.  
  • Inside coating that can also be made of different types of different types of galvanized steel and covered by a layer of polymer.


Fixing solutions for wall sandwich panels


Facing profiles for sandwich panels


  • All types of profiling can be used in different combinations for outside and inside metal coatings of panels with insulating cores PIR and mineral wool


Characteristics and advantages of wall sandwich panels:

  • ISOBUD offers wall and roof sandwich panels meet all the requirements of the international standard EN 14509. The company has implemented and follows ISO 9001:2009

Further advantages of sandwich panels are:

  • Rigidity and excellent strength of the construction
  • Resilience to deformation and other mechanical effects
  • Economy. When using sandwich panels, building costs are being reduced notably
  • Easy mounting
  • Wide range of colors according to RAL
  • Smooth surface that looks aesthetically on a façade
  • High energy saving indicators

Compliance with mounting recommendations and exploitation allows to extend operational period to more than 50 years.